09.06.14Gary Rosengrant

Please add me to your mailing list.
I, along with the rest of the audiance, enjoyed your work this evening in Southbury for the Lions Club. Thank you!

05.25.14Michael Blad

You have old school voice styling which I adore, please continue in the direction you are going, Love the style where you are. My new jazz club is opening down here in So. Flrida I will have my agent get in touch with you. thanks and God Bless..

05.23.14Paulina Abad

I just wanted to say I LOVE your album and your voice. I live in Toronto and was planning to go see you at New York a few weeks ago, but I couldn't make it! Hoping you visit Toronto soon! (I heard for the first time about you on our loval radio station, so I'm you are pretty well know over here too!)

All the best,


02.19.14Dr. Andrea Dennis

Sitting with your Mom @Milano's ! Please put me on your mailing list. I would love to see you perform. Talking about Figaro.



Please let me know where I can get the CD of the night 12/27/13 in Torrington Ct. Thanks

12.10.13David Evans

Love your music! Do you ever get down to the D.C. area? Please put me on your email list.

08.08.13Matt Kelly


Thanks for the great show last Friday and your song dedication to my parents! I look forward to seeing you in DC at Blues Alley. Please feel free to get in touch with me should you need anything.

Matt Kelly

07.31.13Jan Mullen

would be very interested to have you come and play at our new club in Old Lyme CT.....?
www.thesidedoorjazz.com - www.facebook.com/thesidedoorjazzclub
If you happen to have Aug 17th available we would have that open.....we heard of you from Ed Tankus after a radio interview last night. We also have a great relationship with Hartt and were delighted to hear about your new work there!
Best, Jan


Just heard Dana doing "Just you or no one" on cable jazz TV. Wow, excellent voice and great jazz feeling. Wish there were more jazz singers like her.

12.16.12Thomas Mione

my gf and I listen to your cd, the one having "I thought about you" and "devid may care" over and over. We can't tell you how much we love that cd. Thank you. We look forward to purchasing more cds. We don't do facebook and twitter, so please have on your homepage how one can purchase your cds, in the future as you release. Merry Christmas, from the hearts of two people who saw you perform in Hartf at Japanalia this yr.

10.04.12Dave Giardina

HI Dana, it was very nice meeting and hanging with you, Ed and Sam tonight, that singer I was thinking of whos voice is very special to me is Eve Cassidy. Your site is very impressinve , hope to see you perform soon. Dave

08.20.12joe the golfer

thanks for the snipet of "God Bless the Child". It drew me to your site where I now realize I was in the presence of an accomplished professional. Hope to hear you perform longer songs soon.

07.31.12Chris Lynch

Loved the show tonight in Farmington. Was pretty cool being able to walk across the street and see someone of your caliber. Very unique voice and great personality on stage. Thanks for signing my CD. I told my buddy at work all about you and we may try to check out the September 29 show. Best of luck with the Birdland gig and new album.

07.28.12John Brathwaite

Ypu erer great at the Hartfortd Jazz Festival.

John Brathwaite Photographer

04.15.12Peter Hewitt

You stole the show at Mattatuck. 72yr old jazz fan... you had to have studied Mel Torme's style and interpretation for many years. A great Torme' tune I listened to recently was Mel's version of 'Darn that Dream'. On GRP CD Gerry Mulligan - The Re-Birth of Cool. 1991, track 11. Thanks for a great concert.

04.15.12Tom steiner

Hi! I ad to write to you. I was at the concert last night at he Mattatuck Museum. Luise Barenger is a good friend of minevnd I love Jane Monheit.
Wow you were fabulous. I loved your voice and the songs you sang.
Please let me know where and when your singing again. Cheers your new admirer Tom Steiner

03.27.12Missy eleitt

I have no bad comments about ms lauren.she is one of my encore teachers at sarah j.rawson.she is the best and a good vocalist

03.12.12Loren Means

Hi Dana,

I picked up your It's You Or No One CD, thoroughly enjoyed it. You sing with great authority and creativity, and you swing! I particularly enjoyed Manuel'a arrangement of There's a Small Hotel. Only wish there had been more scat than just on Mr. Paganini.

Don't plan to be in New York in a while...Let me know if you'll be gigging in San Francisco. I'd love to catch you in person.

Loren Means

10.05.11Lisa Duquette

Would love to hear Dana sing a Basia song, i.e. Time and Tide. Have not heard anyone who compares to Basia until now....Dana. Love you.

09.28.11john selverian

I was at your show last night at Scullers and relaly really enjoyed it. Aftewards I spoke with you about the song "Everything I've got". I version I know is by Blossom Deari on her album titled "Blossom Dearie" http://www.amazon.com/Blossom-Dearie/dp/B00000478Q/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1317245471&sr=1-1

I look forward to hear you preform it live some time. Best wishes and good luck!


Hi Dana, Heard you on Smooth Jazz Brunch this morning and thought you were amazing. Good luck with the record contract and we hope to come see you at Black Eyed Sally's next weekend!

06.13.11Bob Janas


We met your mother at Cafe Eiko this past Saturday. (There was an ironic "Bercowetz/Berkowitz" connection.) She gave us copies of two of your CDs, which we've been enjoying. Very impressive. You have a marvelous voice.
If you are interested in any original material, please visit my website: www.bobjanasmusic.com. There are a number of songs that I think would fit your style.


Bob Janas

04.11.11harriet goldberg

Hi Dana,
I met you and your parents at the Regattabar several years ago. I'm a songwriter - just had a tune of mine on Hawaii Five-O. Would love you to check out my website (www.hargoldmusic). I have some great new songs in the "listen" section under New Songs. Would love to send you lead sheets or mp3's if any are to your liking. You continue to sound great!! Beautiful voice, terrific interpretations and song choices!!

04.09.11Garfield Mendonça

Hi Dana! I'm Garfield, an ardent jazz fan from Mumbai, India. Just wanted to let you know that your voice and compositions are simply amazing. Its really heartening to see the next generation of jazz artists like yourself help promote and bring this great yet tough genre to all discerning music aficionados across the U.S and around the world in the 21st century! Wishing you the very best in all your endeavors.Keep up the great work and don't ever stop!

03.15.11David Foss

Do you have an email list I could join, so I'll know when you're performing in the Boston area again? I missed your Scullers show last time but bought the first CD and loved it. Just bought the new one, but I want to hear you live! Thanks.


Wow! Love your CD's.
Do you have a mailing list? If so, please add my email address to your list.

02.06.11Sally O'Brien

Hello Ms. Lauren,
I am a jazz artist myself and heard you perform on WRCH. You did a great job. I know you are in the process of making a new album. I have music on CDBABy too. I have the rights for all my music. I do not have the opportunity to perform but would like you to listen to some of my tunes. On the CD is a variety of music; there might be something to catch your ear. We have a similar tone to our voices. -You were given a great opportunity and your music has accerated. I hope someday the same for mine; not that I have to be the performer but would love to have a current vibrant young performer do my music. Let me know what you think. Thank you for your time.
Sally O'Brien

01.23.11Audrey Cole

Hi, Dana: I contacted Lenore Naxon, the Director of the local Jewish Community Center, which has a nice jazz program. to recommend that she contact you. If you come to town, make sure to say Hi.
Good luck!

11.23.10Asha Gardner

I met you a short while ago at the Thelonious Monk competition My name is Asha Gardner, and i was mersmerized by your voice and as a young singer/songwriter i just wanted to say that you alone have inspired me to take on a new style that has been working for me. Thank you so much =)

11.06.10Todd Becker

I've seldom listened to jazz, but you're incredible and I'm sure I'll be hearing quite a bit more of it now that I got to experience a couple of your songs on Jazz After Hours. Thanks for making the world a better, and much more beautiful place ;)

10.14.10Richard Gangi


I am the jazz director at WFIT in Melbourne Florida. I listen to about 150 cd's a month. As a result I really have come to dislike female vocalists, who some family member has urged to record an Albumn.

I am so glad you recorded this one. I love it, you are so refreshing. Only one thing- next batch you print, get rid of the glamour shots. You are beautiful, and your voice is angelic...those pics cheapen the product...

Keep me on your mailing list...
Richard Gangi


Dana it was so nice meeting you at The Monk Gala.We were waiting for that old man to finish talking to Jane Monheidt(who I told you you could pass for her sister)so we can talk to her.Yu were one of my favorites at The Monk semi finals and I cant wait to hear your CD.Continue to shine young lady.

09.28.10vita muir

D_ Congrats on being in the Monk finals.

Good luck.


07.17.10jos van der stap


I bought your first cd in bar55 in New York when you perfomed there. I would llike to buy your new cd. It is not possible to ship it The Netherlands. Is there any other way to buy the cd for a fan in Holland.
Thanks Jos van der Stap

05.24.10Craig Appel

Missed your live performances at Scullers and Black Eye Sallys. Please keep me updated on any of your performances in the future in Connecticut or Boston, thanks.

05.12.10R.J. DeLuke


I am a jazz journalist and frequent contributor to the All About Jazz website (www.allaboutjazz.com), which for seven years running has been named the best jazz site on the Web by the Jazz Journalists Association -- and nominated again this year!

I am writing to inquire about the possibility of a telephone interview withDana Lauren for a story on her and her young, but very promising career.

What would be needed is some telephone time ... perhaps a half-hour, give or take. It would also be good to have a copy of her latest CD to be batter familiar with her latest efforts.

If this isn't the appropriate place for this query, could you let me know whom I should contact, or forward this on to them? My contact info is below...both address and phone. Feel free to call me or send and e-mail. Whichever works.

Anyway ... please let me know if this would be possible. I would very much look forward to it. The music I have heard...tho limited ... sounds real, real good.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Best regards and best of luck,
R.J. DeLuke

P.O. Box 128
aratoga Springs, NY 12866
(518) 366-3240

05.10.10Richard Kamins

I'm hosting a radio show this Thursday on WMRD-AM 1150 in Middletown CT and wonder if you'd like to be my guest - talk about the new CD and other stuff - the show airs live at 12:30 p.m.
Looking forward to talkinf with you - Richard


Hello Dana,
I saw your show in late 2006 with Arturo Sandoval, and I remember your sound. I am glad to see you are doing well. Hope to catch your show againwhen I return the US in the summer. Best of luck.
Take care.

Bing - a fan

04.30.10Kevin Cirillo

Great voice and music. Please keep me in the loop on any events in the CT area. Thanks.

04.28.10Beth Oates

Hi Dana & Kathy!
I am so excited to hear about your success and new cd! I am so proud of you!
Much love-


Interested in having D.L. perform at a hartdord night club. Was wondering about her pricing and up coming schedule. I understand that she had recently released her CD and from what i here on the site, I'm very interested in having her perform. If someone could get back to me via email, i would really appreicate it.
Thank You,

04.21.10Osamu Ueno

My name is Osamu, and I work with distributors in Japan.
I would be interested in your new album, "It's You Or No One", if you don't have distribution there yet.
Please contact me for more details.

Thank you
Best regards

04.20.10Roger Glidden

I noticed that Dana doesn't have a bass player listed for the 4/30 gig at Black Eyed Sallys. I would be happy to play bass for her.
Roger - www.myspace.com/thesharpenine

04.19.10Jeff Williams


Dear Dana:

After spending time listening to each of the online samples of your new CD It's You Or No One we recognize the potential in your release to obtain quantifiable radio airplay and press coverage. We are a results driven promotions agency with over 21 years of experience in many facets of the music industry. We offer a proven record of accomplishment of representing artists’ projects with a clear and productive focus that specializes in radio airplay.

It's You Or No One contains great unique arrangements; I really enjoyed the various techniques you explore with your music and your voice. In “Isn't This A Lovely Day," I really enjoyed the playing and singing; excellent feel, very nice phrasing of the melody, interesting arrangement, wonderful vocal tone, and the music is beautiful. The samples contain fantastic playing by everyone through various styles; there are certainly some big ears at work here.

Please take a moment to review the results we have obtained for our artist’s at: www.karigaffney.com

What the Industry and our Clients have to say about our company:

Either Kari or I would love the opportunity to talk with you to answer any of your questions about our services and to design a campaign that will obtain quantifiable results for your new release It's You Or No One.


Jeff Williams
Melodic Promotions
Kari-On Productions
706.993.3597 fax

Follow us at: http://twitter.com/karigaffney

04.16.10ivo martins

I am Ivo Martins. I work as a director Guimarães Jazz Festival in Portugal.


I also write in the Portuguese jazz web page www.jazzportugal.ua.pt

I also make a radio program “BAILE DOS BOMBEIROS" for the last 20 years in www.rum.pt

I have a personal web page about music, arts and literature: www.ivomartins.net

Facebook - www.facebook.com/ivomartins52

My space www.myspace.com/ivomartins
All these activities are done out of passion cause my job is hospital administration. I saw in net magazine references about the work
It's You Or No One

Dana Lauren
I am interested to know this music and I will like to make a radio program with this music. If you could send me a copy of these works it would be great.

My address is:
Ivo Martins
R. jose luis andrade,32
4780 Santo Tirso

Best Regards, ivo

04.13.10Jaki Valensi-Lauper

Hello! I heard about you thru a friend of mine Steve Emirzian who I think is doing an article about you. I love your music, you have a beautiful voice and a great look and our show features up and coming talent in New England and the tri-state area.
I would love to talk with you about coming on our show as a guest this summer.
Please check out our site at www.jakisbuzz.com and please e-mail me back at Jaki@jakisbuzz.com my number is below as well.

Thank you!

04.06.10stephen romeo

hi dana, well ive become a fan of yours. my father was a jazz sax player in the 40s. i was so spoiled growing up. now that he passed i only can enjoy it with fresh new faces playing this great music. also another young jazz singer grew up near me her name is jane monheit a nice girl who i saw a few times. keep up the great singing and will buy your new cd


WOW, you look smoking hot in that 5th shot in the promo gallery. Stay sweet.

01.21.10Bob Peters


Look forward to having you at Mayor Mikes

12.24.09Joe Miterko

Hi Dana,
My name is Joe Miterko and I am a 17 year-old pianist from Trumbull, CT. I really like your music a lot; it's really great. I love jazz so much; it's my main focus. It's really cool that you studied with Christian McBride and Arturo Sandoval; both are giants and are some of my favorites!
I know you are studying up at Berklee College of Music. I'm applying to a lot of schools in the area (specifically Hartt, New School, Berklee, NEC, NYU, and SUNY Purchase). Would you recommend Berklee? I've heard great things about it; I was up there a couple weeks ago for my live audition and interview, and the school seems really cool.
Thank you again and Happy Holidays!,


hi Dana,
very very enjoy voice very nice your album.
I 'engineer .I live Turkey
evertime I listening Jazz. vocal jazz.
see againg