"Lauren is, at the tender age of 21, a true jazz stylist." Jazz Times

"At the age of 21, vocalist Dana Lauren has a command of her instrument that many professional singers twice her age would envy." - Dan Bilawsky - AllAboutJazz.com

"When one is finished listening to “It's You Or No One" for the first time, the urge to replay the album, will be overwhelming. Having heard many jazz vocalist try their spin with fresh new interpretations of time-honored standards, Dana Lauren certainly stands out here with a solid performance." Edward Blanco - EJazzNews.com

"DANA LAUREN/It’s You or No One: Interesting young jazz vocal diva variation going on here. Lauren has well digested and understood the classics but she gives them a personal pomo stamp. With a load of downtown all stars stroking the pomo fire as well as unassailable ringers brought in to bottom it out for the snobs, Lauren resets the clock on cocktail hour. The genre and the style have just gotten a well deserved kick in the pants. Thanks, Dana." Midwest Record

"Lauren has her own style, but hints of Fitzgerald and Tormé can be heard in her phrasing, and especially her scatting. Young vocalists can often become trite by doing standards, but Lauren avoids that pitfall by including a few songs that haven't been done ad nauseam, helped by some fresh arrangements and superb performances by herself and her band." - Woodrow Wilkins - AllAboutJazz

"While it's difficult to compare her to anyone else, Dana Lauren sounds a bit like pop sensation Adele, but with the timeless stylings of Ella Fitzgerald. Lauren is an old soul with a youthful spirit, and her rich, fluid voice with its silky tone evokes memories of jazz greats of days gone by - with a hint of contemporary sound lurking somewhere underneath." - Sarah Wesley-Lemire - Hartford Magazine

"it shows that she has a vocal maturity and understanding of songs far beyond her years. She’s got great intuitive chops and presents a wonderful interpretation of jazz standards on this project." Ken Franckling - JazzTimes.com

"She don't push, don't pretend. She feels like a natural singer." -Arturo Sandoval - Miami Herald

"Hear us now, believe us later: the freakishly gifted young singer DANA LAUREN is still studying at the New England Conservatory, but with her plush vocals and acute phrasing, she already has a captivating personal sound." - The Boston Pheonix.com

"Lauren, 19, proved not to be only a sassy , silken vocalist, but an effective band leader as well." - The Hartford Advocate

"Standard after standard, her interpretation registered far beyond her years with sophistication usually found in singers twice her age." - Gary Craig - Hartford Magazine

"Stairway to the Stars" is the name of this CD and the path that this CT lady is taking!" - Blue Plate Radio

"Dana Lauren will sing standards and show why she's making inroads in mainstream jazz." - Hartford Courant